Why Choose Us? | Stein Hospice in New Jersey

As the premiere Jewish hospice organization in central New Jersey, our caring, compassionate team of nurses, social workers, chaplain, home health aides and trained volunteers are committed to providing individualized care in the Jewish tradition. We are guided by Halacha Jewish law, customs and traditions in our approach to end-of-life care and the grieving process when a loved one has passed away.

Located in New Jersey’s Somerset county but serving all of Central New Jersey, our hospice care is based on traditional religious values that affirm the dignity of life; call for visiting and caring for the sick (bikur cholim and shituf bi-tza’ar); promote respect for those who have passed away (kavod hamet); and help to comfort the living (nihum avelim).

We hold as one of our highest values the planning of care to meet the unique needs of each individual patient and family we serve.

We recognize each patient’s relationship to G-d (however defined), and respect him or her as a whole being. Our focus is on providing comfort and relief from pain and suffering – whether the pain is physical, emotional or spiritual in nature.

Our staff, trained volunteers and rabbi offer hospice care with an understanding of the significance of Jewish holidays, observances and rituals.

We believe that families should not face the difficult time at end of life without caring support and education. And at The Martin and Edith Stein Hospice, we provide just that. In fact, we provide ongoing support to family members through bereavement services for up to 13 months following the death of the patient. Particular attention is paid to religious observances and holidays when the patient’s absence may be most noted and missed.

And as a Jewish hospice provider, we understand the significance of honoring and remembering important anniversary dates and notifies a family when Yizkor and Yarzheit will be observed as part of our bereavement program.

NI for Jewish Hospice Accredited New JerseyWe strive to fulfill the Jewish mandate: “Cherish life and live every day to its fullest.” Hospice care is about how people live until they die. We assist our patients and families in reconciling their religious and cultural beliefs with the realities of their physical illness, so they are able to receive hospice care in accordance with their own level of observance of Jewish law and traditions; We assist our patients and families in returning to their cultural and religious roots by promoting sensitivity to this aspect of life.

To learn more about Stein Hospice or the benefits of Jewish hospice care, please call Bruce Birnberg, LCSW, Executive Director, at (732)227-1212 or email to BBirnberg@wilfcampus.org.