Hospice Care Services

Stein Hospice brings individualized hospice/palliative care to patients where they live — at home, assisted living facilities and nursing homes — in Somerset, Middlesex, Union and Monmouth counties in central New Jersey. We are committed to providing comfort and support to patients and their loved ones with a special focus on the alleviation of pain and suffering, the dignity of patients and the affirmation of life.

Our philosophy of Jewish hospice care is rooted in Halacha (Jewish law and tradition) and its affirmation of the dignity of life and guidance for dealing with end-of-life issues. By recognizing the unique aspects of each family, its history and its ways of dealing with life’s challenges, the Stein Hospice team provides support and compassion that can bring a sense of peace and calm preparedness to both the patient and their family at a time that they are most needed.

Our hospice service area includes Middlesex, Somerset, Union and Northern Monmouth counties in New Jersey. Hospice is a fully paid benefit for all recipients of Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance plans. Stein Hospice provides equipment, supplies and medication to address the hospice diagnosis.

Hospice and Palliative Care
Hospice and Palliative care in New Jersey for each patient and family is provided by a team of specially-trained professionals, including a registered nurse, social worker, chaplain (rabbi), certified home health aides, physician, hospice medical director, our trained volunteers and various therapy service providers when appropriate. Hospice nursing staff is available on-call 24/7 to the patient and family. In addition we offer complementary therapies such as aromatherapy, massage therapy and harp therapy.

Our hospice team specializes in a holistic approach to the relief of pain and other physical symptoms, as well as the emotional, psychological, social and spiritual needs of both those at the end of life and their caregivers and loved ones. We work to address the unique needs of each patient… and to help family members understand and address their own emotional and physical challenges in coping with the coming death of their loved one.

Short-term Inpatient Hospice Care
Short-term inpatient hospice care is a special level of care provided to hospice patients when acute symptoms require management in a Medicare-certified facility offering 24-hour skilled nursing services. Inpatient hospice care is provided in a licensed New Jersey nursing facility under contract with Stein Hospice.

Respite Hospice Care
Respite hospice care is offered to families and other caregivers who need time to rest, attend to personal business, travel or otherwise take “time off” from caregiving responsibilities. Respite hospice care is provided on a short-term basis, for up to 5 days at a time in a licensed nursing facility under contract with Stein Hospice.

Bereavement Services
Our care for families and caregivers continues through our bereavement services, which are provided for as long as the family needs support after the patient’s death to help them mourn their loss. Our professional staff, trained volunteers and rabbi are familiar and experienced with all Jewish rituals and observances that help to honor those who have passed away, comfort those left behind and eventually help loved ones to return to normal life.